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May 5, 2019BY: Neil Cahn

If the Wideners can Divorce Collaboratively, So Can You

The Wideners of Philadelphia were not out to get each other. So they tell us in an April 19, 2019 online article by Erin Arvedlund in the the Inquirer, They’re divorcing. They’re still good friends. How did the Weidners do it?

Stephanie Widener, a software engineer stated:

We heard about it and realized it was a perfect fit for us. It’s such an amenable divorce. There were no disputes we couldn’t talk over. When we heard what this type of law was, we decided it was a good fit. . . . It took out some of the headaches, the normal things you hear about divorces.

What would the Weidners want people to know about their collaborative divorce?

There’s a stigma around divorce that it’s an angry, long, expensive ordeal. And as long as you’re willing to be honest, and open to communication and compromise this is a wonderful way to have a good, short, and relatively cheap experience.

The author, Neil Cahn, is a member of the Collaborative Divorce Resolutions law group of Long Island which is an association of attorneys, family specialists and financial neutrals specializing in the collaborative process. If you would like to learn how this alternative to traditional divorce litigation can work for you, feel free to contact Neil Cahn. Contact information along with a brief bio can be found on the author's profile page. Simply click or tap the author's image or the "View Profile" link on this page.

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