Collaborative Divorce Process

The independent members of Collaborative Divorce Resolutions (CDR) will help you create a solution to your marital problem out of court. We are all highly trained and experienced divorce attorneys, family specialists and financial neutrals familiar with both litigation and collaboration. Through a series of collaborative meetings, you will define the goals you wish to achieve and tell us your concerns.

The team of professionals you select will guide you through a resolution in a respectful and efficient process. The team includes two lawyers (one selected by each of you), a family specialist helps you develop a parenting plan tailored to the needs of your children and monitors emotional issues during settlement meetings; the financial neutral provides detailed financial planning, including college costs and retirement options. The financial neutral also organizes, documents and explains current and projected income, assets and liabilities.

You can learn about our professionals on the Find a Professional page. This listing includes photos, addresses, maps and bios as well as contact information. Click or tap here to learn about our collaborative divorce professionals.

Collaboratively Creating Solutions

The team provides you with multiple options for the future financial welfare of each person in your family, including your children.

By explaining, in specific detail, the options available to resolve your situation, each member of your collaborative team empowers you to move forward while protecting your children and each of you. This alternative to litigation and mediation is now available to Long Island couples via CDR – Collaborative Divorce Resolutions.


Downloadable Resources

Road map of Collaborative Process
Planning for Good Outcomes
Collaborative Participation Agreement
Ground Rules for Process
Joint Statement of Net Worth

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