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Nov 1, 2015BY: Neil Cahn
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High-Powered Hollywood Lawyers and Collaborative Divorce

Halle BerryAccording to People Magazine, both sides in the Halle Berry–Olivier Martinez split say they want to proceed amicably; and they are using high-powered Hollywood divorce attorneys. Representing Berry is Stephen Kolodny, who has counted Mel Gibson and Lisa Bonder Kerkorian among his clients. Representing Martinez is Laura Wasser, who’s handled legal action for Britney Spears, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Cruise and more.

Keynoting a presentation at the Collaborative Practice California (CP Cal) Celebration 10 Conference this year, Wasser advocated private, respectful divorce proceedings whenever possible. Wasser said Collaborative Divorce makes this possible.

Collaborative Divorce represents a revolution in divorce law. According to Wasser, that revolution must begin with responsible professionals, problem solvers ready to face the challenge of changing the way both professionals and their clients approach resolution.

First and foremost, Wasser says, we need to tell clients:

Don’t let someone in a black robe who doesn’t know you and your family make decisions for you.

Wasser instead urges clients to take control of their situation. “Involving clients in the process needs to happen. They have to talk to resolve issues,” said Wasser.

Wasser’s book, It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way: How to Divorce Without Destroying Your Family or Bankrupting Yourself, urges couples to embrace healthier ways to divorce, including Collaborative Divorce. She says her book is a guide to divorce “for a new generation” of people who want to keep themselves and their children healthy and protected through the process.

On Long Island, the independent CDR professionals are committed to that revolution in divorce law. Continually studying and developing the unique skill set needed for the Collaborative Divorce Process, these attorneys, financial specialists and family specialists are uniquely qualified to successfully assist couples to work out their own best solution.