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Long Island's Premier Collaborative Divorce Group

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The team of professionals you select will guide you through a resolution in a respectful and efficient process.

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Children are protected.

The safe, respectful environment used to transition your family improves co-parenting following divorce.

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  • Non-Adversarial

    Both you and your lawyer agree to resolve the divorce through the collaborative process, rather than through the court. If the process does not result in an agreement, you cannot use your collaborative lawyer to go to court. This insures a full commitment by everyone to settle the case.

  • Protects Children

    Divorcing couples are always concerned about the impact on children. Effective co-parenting requires good communication and a parenting plan that is suited to your family’s individual needs. Collaborative divorce provides the respectful and safe atmosphere to protect your children. You can even choose a child specialist to help you.

  • Result Oriented

    The collaborative process is efficient because the lawyers draft the agreement, the financial neutral explains present and future financial options and the family specialist helps you negotiate respectfully until your resolution is achieved.

About CDR

Collaborative Divorce Resolutions (CDR) is Long Island’s premier Collaborative Divorce group.

CDR’s independent professionals have extensive training in the Collaborative Process and are seasoned practitioners in their respective professions. We all participate in continuing education and maintain membership in the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and the N. Y. Association of Collaborative Professionals. The Collaborative Process provides a calm and focused environment for a safe and professional resolution of your divorce without compromising the protections that litigation offers.